Gardening tips for back care

For lots of us Lockdown means lots (and lots) of gardening.
The sun is out and time may be plentiful whilst we watch the world work out its problems. To help you to keep healthy and well in these times here are some simple gardening back care tips.

Warm up – do some simple stretches before you start
Take breaks – stop every 20-30 mins to stretch
Use a knee pad – and support yourself with one hand whilst trying to keep your neck and back as straight as possible
Vary your tasks – do a mixture of light and heavy tasks
Drink water – regularly
Be wary of heavy loads – lift using your knees and don’t bend from the waist down
Use a cold compress – if you get pain
Get checked out – if the pain continues – getting the right advice early can help to speed up the healing process

Happy gardening!

Video consultations are available in light of Co-Vid 19

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