Your visit

The consultation

To make sure you know what to expect on your first visit please see below an outline of the consultation.

Part 1

A full case history will be taken. This will include your medical health (illnesses, medication, accidents, operations etc), details of your present condition and some questions relating to factors that may have triggered or help to maintain your current problem.

Part 2

This is the osteopathic examination which will normally involve you dressing down to your underwear. This is so that your entire body framework can be assessed. You will be asked to move in different directions and a number of orthopaedic tests will be used to find out what the problem is.

Part 3

The osteopathic treatment will be tailored to your individual condition using a range of appropriate techniques. An explanation will be given as to the rationale for the treatment, the suggested cause for the condition and the number of sessions you will need to aid full recovery.


There is no fixed duration for an appointment, although they are generally in the region of 20-45 minutes. Conditions vary considerably in the amount of time they require.


Please remember that what is achieved inside the consulting room is only a proportion of the Osteopath’s work. It is necessary for Osteopaths to keep relevant notes, communicate with GPs, review hospital X-rays and scans and write reports.


Most people receive maximum benefit from a short course of treatment, whilst others require continuing attention to sustain relief from pain.


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