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As a web and graphic designer I spend long hours at a computer and being tall, tend to have poor postural habits. After years of pain and discomfort in my back and neck, a few treatments with Geraldine helped enormously. As well as showing me how to correct my posture so my joints were correctly aligned, Geraldine gave me a set of simple exercises to strengthen my core muscles. Geraldine has a lovely, warm manner and makes you feel completely at ease and confident that she can help with whatever problems you have.
Maime Winters, Designer

As a dancer and dance teacher I need to make sure that I am in good physical shape at all time. Unfortunately sometimes I tend to over-do it and on a number of occasions I have ended up with severe neck and back pain. What's great is that I know that I can visit Geraldine at New Day and within a few sessions I am back to full health. This is great as being self-employed the finanical pressure of being off work is huge. Geraldine also takes the time to explain what the problem is and how I can prevent it from returning with really useful exercise and lifestyle tips!
Jo Wilson, Dancer and Dance Teacher


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“Last year over 6 million people were treated with Osteopathy”

Chartered Society of Osteopaths